It’s the beginning of the year and I am pretty sure you’ve already started thinking about where you’re going this year, right?

One of my 2017 business goals is to show up for you and focus on your needs when it comes to travel.


You’ve heard me mention time and time again that I think it’s a sin to pay more than $500 for international flights! 

I know how overwhelming it can be planning and coordinating your trips.
I know how it feels to spend hours searching online for flight deals.
I know that feeling of really wanting to stay under a certain budget but you’re just not sure how.
Trust me. It can be a lot.

So this is what I wanna help you do:

  • Learn how to plan and coordinate your trips so the process ELIMINATES overwhelm and provide you with the tools to SEAMLESSLY book your dream vacation
  • Teach you how to book international flights for under $500 (that’s round trip!) like a PRO
  • Help you learn how to get the best bang for your buck and travel the world…LIKE A BOSS
  • Even learn how to take a budget of $1,000 and plan an international trip in under 1 hour!
It’s not impossible to travel like a boss.
You can do it on a budget.
You can create amazing memories and not break the bank.

All of this travel knowledge is available right at your fingertips, but I’ve got some bad news…


It’s going away soon.





Because I’m creating an exclusive community just for
Everything you want to know about travel from me to you – in one centralized location.
  • Get to know other like-minded travelers around the world who also want to travel the world like a Boss.
  • Get secret, industry insider information all ze time.
  • Learn from industry experts who are traveling the world
  • And much, much more.

But here’s the thing…

On Tuesday, January 31st at 11:59p EST, I’m retiring all of my travel masterclasses and workshops and focusing entirely on Travel Like a Boss on a Budget and Travel Consulting!

Here are a few ways you can gain access to the Community:



If you grab any of these courses before the end of the month, you will automatically be added into the exclusive Travel Like a Boss Community.

If you’ve already enrolled in any of my Masterclasses or eCourse, you’ll automatically be grandfathered be added into Community.
This is what’s going down in the ‘Travel Like a Boss’ Community:
  • Monthly Live Training with Industry Experts
  • Bi-Monthly Live Office Hours
  • Q&A Days Where I Will Answer All Your Questions via Live Chat
  • Be Apart of A Community of Like Minded Individuals and maybe gain a travel buddy.


You do not want to miss out on this opportunity. As Rachel Travels expands, there are a lot of exciting things happening, and I’m going to be sharing them all in this group.
Tuesday, January 31st all of my classes besides Travel Like A Boss on a Budget are being retired for good.

Want In? 

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