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Coffee Dates 

Want to Get Insights From Me One-on-One?

After five years of living the ‘ideal life’ in the Rat Race (read: Corporate America) and silently suffering from Anxiety Disorder and Depression, I decided to toss my Boss my two-weeks notice and travel the world indefinitely.

For three months, I backpacked solo through South East Asia, started a successful blog that gets over 20,000 views a month, and created an online business helping travelers learn how to travel the world.
I became absolutely obsessed with learning everything that I could about traveling the world like a Boss yet on a budget.
At this point, when I travel internationally, I typically never spend over $500 roundtrip! I have gone to Nairobi, Kenya for $250, Abu Dhabi for $178, and even Morocco for under $400 – all roundtrip costs!

So I get it.

There is nothing worse than working hard every single day, having the desire to take the vacation of a lifetime and not knowing:

  • How to book find, let alone book inexpensive flights
  • Getting super overwhelmed with the coordinating and planning of your trip
  • Wanting to travel solo and completely overwhelmed as to where to start and what to expect


I have been there.


I want to help you travel solo.
I want to help you create your own quality trips with ease and within your budget.
I want to help you create a travel budget that allows you to do all the things you want to do on your trips.
I want to teach you how to find the cheapest flights possible.


Let’s do this…
You + I will hop on a  30 minute live virtual (video) session so I can help you rock out your 2017 Bucket Life List!


Let’s Talk About:

  • Travel hacks and strategies on how to create a boss trip without breaking the bank
  • Insights and advice on how to monetize your travel blog
  • If you are new to international or solo travel, let’s discuss ways to easily cut through your anxiety and overwhelm



  • What’s the refund policy?: The consulting fee is non-refundable.
  • What if I need to reschedule?: Rescheduling may be necessary from time to time. If you need to reschedule, I ask for a 48-hour notice. If a 48-hour notice is given, I will do my best to reschedule you for the same week of the original appointment.
  • What if I am late to our session?: If after 15 minutes you are not on the conference line, I will reach out by email to remind you of your session. We will work together for the remaining minutes of our scheduled session. Unfortunately, I cannot extend session times to accommodate late shows, as I have several sessions back-to-back.
  • Do you coordinate trips?: No, I do not coordinate trips or do customized itineraries.
  • Are you a travel agent?: No, I am not a travel agent.
  • Do you have advice on traveling with children?: As I am not a mother, I do not have any advice on how to efficiently and effectively travel with children.
  • Can you help me find job opportunities abroad?: I can advise you on – resources, however, my expertise is not in finding opportunities to work abroad.

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