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What To Do In Riga, Latvia + Video Vlog!

Moment of truth. Before we even discuss what to do in Riga, Latvia, I have a confession. I’d only heard of Latvia from watching some of the Olympic games. So I was really excited to visit Latvia on the rest of my ‘tour’ and exploration of The Baltic States (check out the post on Estonia here). […]

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How to Do Copenhagen, Denmark + Travel Guide Vlog

**Scroll to the bottom to view Travel Guide Vlog! Copenhagen is a BEAUTIFUL city. Lively, vibrant, and bustling. Originally a Viking fishing town, Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and it’s most populous city.   Staying in the heart of the city at Generator Hostel – Copenhagen, you will have access to everything that you […]

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How to Get Paid to Travel + Exact Pitch Templates To Use

Let’s be honest. We all would love to get paid or compensated for traveling. Due to travel becoming essential to happiness and as travel is becoming more accessible to all; many new and inspiring travel bloggers/vloggers/podcasters/ influencers are looking to get paid and/or compensated for their influence. How to Get Paid to Travel + Exact Pitch […]

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How I Went to Thailand for $15.30

Gather ’round. This is a story all about how I went to Thailand for $15.30. And yes, this really happened. It’s called travel hacking and I’ll explain. Keep reading. No Bullsh**. I am always preaching to you that “travel isn’t expensive,” and really – that statement and theory is entirely relative. You can go on […]

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Luxury Living In Phuket

Luxury Living In Phuket While this was my second time in Thailand, unfortunately, I didn’t see the island of Phuket the first time I was here. Thankfully, I had an opportunity to partner with @FlyNorweigien and Amazing Thailand to experience the luxury living in Phuket and Bangkok. There are so many amazing accommodation options in Phuket, but […]

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