4 Things I Would Tell New Travelers

Here is what I KNOW…

  1. You are NOT alone!

One of the greatest myths is that people are universally mean and grouchy. So not true! People are very hospitable and helpful worldwide. Typically when they realize that you want to experience their culture and country, they will go the extra mile to make you feel welcomed! It is also really easy to meet other travelers through social media, travel forums, and hostels.

  1. Be Adventurous

The entire point of traveling is to step outside of your comfort zone and have new experiences. Take a cooking class, go hiking, and experience the local music and dance. Be wild and crazy (safely of course)!




  1. Pack Light

This is true whether you are a new or ‘seasoned’ traveler. Packing light (physically, mentally, and emotionally) will allow you to travel further and with an open heart. Packing light physically will make getting to your destinations stress-free and quicker (think carry-on and not waiting at baggage claim!). Leaving behind stereotypes and misconceptions will allow you to have a real, authentic experience!

  1. Leave Fear Behind!

Fear is not real. But it can sure as hell feel like it, huh? Being fearful will only hold you back from being truly present. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be a bit different, but it’s not like you are the first or last person doing this. With technology, travel blogs, and guides, the path is charted and paved for you.

I will say this; the danger is certainly real, so it always wishes to practice safety when traveling.

4 Things I Would Tel

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  1. So true! I think these are the most important things to keep in mind for travellers with any amount of experience. Even when setting off on a trip by yourself, know that you will only be alone if you choose to be – you will meet so many travel companions and friendly locals willing to go above and beyond to help you experience their country.

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