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We are all in some way or another, trying to reach and create the “ideal life.” We do all the things society tells us:
Do well in school.
Get into a great college.
Get a ‘good job.’
Find a cute boy (or girl).
Get married.
Have a baby.
Sound familiar?
Havana, Cuba
I was on track for all of that. I had a promising six-figure career at a Fortune Top 50 corporation.
Then.. at the age of twenty-six, I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and Depression.
I suffered silently for a year before I decided to leave my ‘comfortable life’ and backpack through 8 countries in Southeast Asia – solo.
It was liberating, fun, and life- changing.
I created this blog initially, as my open letter to the people I was meeting and experiences I was having abroad.
Quickly, I realized the large gap that was missing…
The lack of presence of Black American travelers around the world.
Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia
There are two sides to the coin.
The ‘perception’ of the world of Black Americans has been reduced to pop culture and what is shown on mass media.
From the people I have interacted with, travel presents a few challenges based on the notions that:
a) Racism exists all in every pocket of the world
b) Travel is too expensive
c) Uncertainty on where and how to start to travel
I mission, desire, and purpose is to change the narrative and negative perception of Black Travelers around the world AND helping people of color get past fears and excuses and travel the world.
Chiang Mai, Thailand

What I Do:

Through blog posts, online courses, consulting, and speaking engagements, is a travel blog dedicated to educating and inspiring Millennial, Black Americans to explore the world and push past their comfort zones, all while encouraging the idea that world travel does not have to be expensive.

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