How I Did Bogota, Colombia for $126! + Breakdown

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So I was supposed to be relocating to a new city for the past two weeks but things kept coming up! Last week, I saw a flight through ‘Rachel Alerts’ to Bogota, Colombia for $187 roundtrip. I figured it was pretty inexpensive, I have never been to Colombia, and why the hell not?

So when I went to go check out the flight times and dates, I saw the dates I was looking to leave went down to $176! *tootsie rolls*

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From reaching out to a few friends who are from Colombia and some reading about the country, I knew that a three and a half day trip to Colombia would be pretty inexpensive. Utilizing my handy dandy travel budget template, I decided to budget $150 for spending money for the entire trip, as a personal challenge. Obviously, I had some contingency funds, but I wanted to see if it could be done. And it can be, and I will show you how!

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Before I get into that, let me just say that my experience in Bogota was phenomenal! The people are very hospitable and inviting. The city of Bogota was very clean (at least the parts we explored), and a little-known fact to the rest of the world – Bogota has some of the most amazing street and graffiti art! One reason being, it is legal! There is a free walking tour you can take that is about 2.5 hours. It was honestly the best part of my trip.



          Beautiful Colombian Woman, I Found on the Side of A Building

Before you head to Bogota, here are eight things you should do and consider in Bogota:


The Gold Museum: At the time of writing, Museo de Oro was COP 3,000 (~$1). If you read the excerpts or do the free museum tour, you will learn a TON about Colombia’s history, especially before being conquered by the Spanish.

FREE Bogota Graffiti Art Tour: One word- AMAZING. This was my favorite part of the trip, hands down! I won’t spoil it with too many details, but I will say that street art is not only beautiful in Bogota, but we know art tells stories. Street art in Bogota is used as a platform for political protests, snapshots of history, and stories about current political and socio-economic issues in the country.

+ Take the time to visit Monserrate. It is a beautiful mountain, with gorgeous views of Bogota from the top! You can take a train or cable car up! I have heard you can walk up, but that was completely out for me. The cost was COP 18,000 (~$6) for the train to the top of the mountain.

+ If you have the time, visit the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira or Cathedral de Sal de Zipaquira. You can take the bus here, but we hired a driver for the day that took us. It is a little over an hour outside of Bogota.


                 Gorgeous Gold Necklace Found at Museo de Oro 

Consider This:

+ Bring wet wipes and toilet paper with you! You may have to pay for toilet paper in public restrooms. ALSO, do not flush toilet paper down the toilet! It backs up the pipes. This, however, is true in most South American countries.

+ Most of the cabs I rode did not have seat belts! Make sure your Prayer Life is in order! Traffic and the drivers are insane.

+ When shopping in open air markets – NEGOTIATE.

+ If you want to be in fun, eclectic, colorful area with lots of shops and restaurants, then you should look into hotels or hostels in La Candelaria. This is a sort of ‘hipster’ area where you are just walking distance from Monserrate, the free walking tour, and lots of bars. If not, then staying near the airport is also a suitable option. Cab rides to La Candelaria from the airport area was only ~$6-7 each way.


                           Salt Cathedral

Now that that’s out of the way check out my entire trip breakdown below. No BS, I did Bogota, Colombia for $126!

Bogota Trip Breakdown

Click Here to Download a FREE Budget Travel Template!

Now who says international traveling isn’t affordable?!


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  1. This so inspiring. I never even considered Colombia, but its definitely on the top of my list now. Thank you for the tips and resources!

    Quick Question: Would you recommend this destination to a solo traveler?

    • RachelTravels

      Hi Melanie!
      Yes, I would definitely recommend it for a solo traveler!
      If you stay in a hostel you will meet lots of other solo travelers. Bogota was really safe from my experience and its easy to get around!
      Go for it!

  2. Simone

    So, Im going to Colombia in February solo. How do you know which taxis are safe o use? Im going to stay at a hosel in La Calendaria area. Any info on that? And this post inspired me to gt a ticket, plus sale!

    • RachelTravels

      Hi Simone!

      I would go with the typical yellow and white cabs!
      If they have meters so you will be okay!
      La Calendaria is definitely where you want to be! Great area to be around food, bars, young people, etc.

      Have fun and tag me in photos on IG!

  3. Ella

    I’m heading there in 2 wks and this post just got me very excited. This is my first time on here and I’m already in love. Did you negotiate with the taxi to the salt cathedral? And what’s a reasonable cost since I saw tours at $100pp and refuse to pay that amount.

    • RachelTravels

      $100/pp?! NO WAY!
      We actually just got a driver from the hotel and paid him $24/pp (if I remember) and we had him for the ENTIRE day.
      He took us out to the Salt Cathedral, around the town, and dropped and picked us up from our free walking tour!
      If you’re solo, I would not pay more than $20 for a private taxi.

      And thank you for the kind words!

  4. Athena

    Hi Rachel, I love your blog. I am about to go to Colombia for a trip to Bogota because of you :). I plan on visiting the Salt Cathedral and I was trying to get an estimate of how much the entrance fees would cost because you didn’t mention it in the post? Do you remember how much it costs?

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