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How to Get Paid to Travel + Exact Pitch Templates To Use

Let’s be honest. We all would love to get paid or compensated for traveling. Due to travel becoming essential to happiness and as travel is becoming more accessible to all; many new and inspiring travel bloggers/vloggers/podcasters/ influencers are looking to…

How I Went to Thailand for $15.30

Gather ’round. This is a story all about how I went to Thailand for $15.30. And yes, this really happened. It’s called travel hacking and I’ll explain. Keep reading. No Bullsh**. I am always preaching to you that “travel isn’t…

Travel In the Era of Trump: 5 Stages of Grief

Travel In the Era of Trump: 5 Stages of Grief “Everyone can tell,” I thought. “Everyone knows just by looking at me that I’m American, and America elected Trump.” Well, *I* didn’t vote for him. And actually, I kind of…

Travel + HipHop – A Live Discussion

Travel + HipHop – A Live Discussion With all that has been taking place in the States (and globally) with the assassination of innocent Black men, my goal is to position the spotlight away from the negativity and dispel the…

How I Truly Felt About Cuba

How I Truly Felt About Cuba A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Cuba sharing with you the ins and outs and how to navigate through the country. But I never quite expressed how I truly felt about Cuba….

Why I Left My ‘Good’ Job

Here I was, sweat beading down the side of my face, heart thumping so loud I could hear it in my ears, and biting my arm to keep from crying – or screaming. I was having yet, another anxiety attack….

A Week In Bali Is Cheaper Than a Weekend In Miami

Many folks LOVE Miami. And many think Bali is too expensive. I get it. The beautiful beaches. Everyone looks like they walked straight out of a swimsuit magazine. The super cute (and expensive) boutique hotels. A nightlife that is unmatched….