How NOT to Get Played By AirBnB and Get More INnCLUSIVE!
Listen. I over love AirBnB.
Hotels are cool, but there is nothing like having a true, authentic experience when you travel. Renting a 4 bedroom condo, on Jumeirah beach in Dubai, with the hookah spot, Starbucks, and 24-hour supermarket underneath the condo – was the best decision for our trip! Not only was it an authentic experience to stay amongst the ‘locals’, it was also convenient and really inexpensive compared to the Hilton hotel down the street!
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Unfortunately, AirBnB may not offer up such experiences all the time.
There are times when people are discriminated against from booking places on the platform (or similar sites like CouchSurfing) based off their names, profile pictures, etc.

Essentially, not accepting people to stay in their homes based on their appearances (i.e.: being a person of Color).

With the events that have been going on over the past week (hell – since the history of America!), this comes at no surprise. It is a sad reality.

But you know what I love? People who don’t fxckn talk – but create solutions to challenges!

Say hello to Innclusive.



A trusted community of open-minded travelers, from all over the world who open their homes to rent.
Think AirBnB, but with more tools, systems, and protocols in place so that NO ONE is getting discriminated against based on of their profiles, their names, or the color of their skin.
I had an opportunity to interview Zakiyyah M., the Co- Founder of Innclusive!
**Funny story, we met earlier this year at the club in Morocco!
We talk about. . .
  •  The idea of Innclusive and how it was birthed.
  • How to push past travel fears and anxieties as a Traveler of Color.
  • As a single mother, Zakiyyah gives her insights on how she is able to not only expose her children to world travel but how it has shaped their worldly perspective.
Interview: INNCLUSIVE formaly NoirBnB
Oh! Right now, they are running a contest for you to win a $1,000 towards the vacation of your dreams!
If you’re a host on AirBnB or CouchSurfing, then add your spot to Innclusive as well!

INNCLUSIVE to Learn More!

Lastly, Here Are A Few Ways to Make Sure You Have a Pleasant Experience With AirBnB:
  • Have a nice, pleasant, SMILING photo of you – only!
  • No group photos!
  • Make sure you write reviews for the people you have stayed with
  • If they have not, ask them to write reviews for you
  • Respect people sh**! (So they can write great reviews about you!)
  • Make sure to read the reviews on the Host and their property
  • Read ALL the Terms & Conditions about the property, including the refund policy and minimum amount of days you can stay there
Have you had any adverse experiences with AirBnB?
Let me know below!

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Rachel Hill