The Big Payback: Getting Paid For Annoying Flight Delays!



You know those ABSOLUTELY annoying flight delays that have you locked up in an airport for hours? Missing your connecting flights? All the food vendors are closed, and you packed your hoodie in your checked luggage? Yea – it sucks. However, there is GREAT news!

A little-known fact. . . Airlines get hit with a penalty for delaying flights. Consumers in return should be getting paid for annoying flight delays! Most airlines do not want you to know this, so they will never spill the beans! But I will!

Check it out . . .


The Scoop:

  • For domestic U.S. travelers – an airline that denies a booked passenger a seat (somebody who is bumped on an oversold flight because there are not enough volunteers to give up seats) and will not be able to get to their next destination within an hour of the scheduled time can collect up to 200% of the one-way ticket price, capped at $650!
  • A delay of two+ hours is worth up to 400% of the price of the one-way ticket, up to $1,300!
  • For my European brothers and sisters, if your flights from Europe is delayed by at least 3 hours or canceled, you are eligible for up to about $825, depending on the length of delay and distance of the destination of the next flight.


The Caveat:

  • Once the airline offers and you ACCEPT the voucher (you know, “$200 towards your next flight!), you will not be eligible to receive your funds for being bumped from a flight!
  • There are several sites that can help you claim your funds, but they will take a hefty commission (between 15-25%!) for handling your request. AirHelp and are the two I am aware of at the moment.
  • Note: Airlines are supposed to hand consumers the rules that govern being bumped from a flight, and payment is meant to be immediate.


To be honest, before I found a this-this gem of information I GLADLY took the vouchers! For me, staying an extra day in a city to hang out with friends, free hotel, and a meal sounded grand! But if you can get $Money (and more of it!) back to the annoyance of being delayed or bumped, then that is obviously a better option!

It pays to know! Literally.

Anyone ever got The Big Payback for the irritation of being bumped or flight delays? How did you handle it?


Until then… Journey On!




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