LIVE WORKSHOP: Grow Your Instagram


LIVE WORKSHOP: Grow Your Instagram


If you desire to build a travel Brand, work with Brands, or just make your Instagram ‘lit’, then



Did you know that Instagram has over 700 million (yes million!) users and 400M of them are active daily?!

That’s a lot of freakin’ people and a lot of exposure.



Now that Instagram is becoming a bit oversaturated and has changed its algorithm, it is becoming harder to get noticed.

Unfortunately, hashtags aren’t working as effectively as they once did.


There are some new methods and strategies out there – including artificial intelligence (AI).


It’s starting to get real outchea.

It took me a whole lot of trial, error, expensive training/courses, and talking to other Influencers to start really growing my Instagram account with intention.

And by intention, I mean, building an Instagram account that is a direct reflection of my Brand, authentic, and real.


Instagram is a fun, vibrant, and visually appealing social media platform.


But if you’re looking to use Instagram for business growth, exposure, or to make money – you need exposure to the 400M folks logging on that platform daily.


That’s why I created this fully loaded, two-hour Masterclass, HOW TO GROW YOUR INSTAGRAM LIKE AN INFLUENCER, BUILD A BRAND, & MAKE MONEY.


What you will know after this LIVE CLASS is the fundamentals, strategies, and the know-how to grow your Instagram account including:

  • Why Instagram Is The BEST Platform for Build A Travel Brand
  • The REAL Way to Grow Your Account Quickly & Authentically
  • How to Use Instagram to For Social Listening (understanding your audience)
  • Best Way to Create An Optimized Posting Schedule
  • How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used For IG
  • How to Get Sponsored Posts

This Live Class Isn’t About or NOT For You If You Want To Know:

  • How to Buy Followers & Likes
  • Using spammy ‘bot’ software for automatic responses
  • Being Fake & Phony Just for the IG ‘Flex

This is all about scaling, being authentic, and creating.


This LIVE CLASS will be small and intimate with only 12 slots available.




  • A Guidebook
  • A Live Chat function to ask questions through the class
  • One week of email support from me
  • Lifetime Access to the replay

If you want to take this Live Class, you have three options:

Option 1: LIVE Masterclass + Lifetime Replay

  • Join me on the live workshop to ask me questions, insights, and advice about building your Instagram account and brand
  • Lifetime access to the replay
  • 1 week of unlimited email support from me

Option 2: Masterclass + Instagram Resource Library

  • Everything in Option 1
  • Resource Library That Includes:
    • Tools Influencers Use to Grow Their Instagram Accounts & Brands
    • A Simple Monetization Formula To Start Make Money Through Instagram
    • List of Agencies That Work With Instagram Influencers
    • Sponsorship Template For Reaching Out to Brands
    • Quick Guide To Social Listening Via Instagram

Option 3: Masterclass + Instagram Resource Library + 1 Hr Consulting Session

  • Everything in Option 2
  • 1 Hour 1:1 Online Video Session with me, so I can help you laser focus in on how to start, grow, and monetize your Instagram account and take your brand to the next level
** Proceeds from the Masterclass go towards a college student, passport scholarship!



The Live Masterclass with happen on:

Ready to Stop Playing Around & Start Building Your Instagram Brand?


LIVE Class (Only)
Attend LIVE Class
Lifetime Access to Replay
1 Week of Unlimited Email Support
LIVE Class + Resources Library
Attend LIVE Class
Lifetime Access to Replay
1 Week of Unlimited Email Support
Resource Library (templates, copy & paste brand pitches, content calendar, checklists, etc)
Exclusive LIVE Class + Resources Library + 1 Hr Consulting Session
Attend LIVE Class
Lifetime Access to Replay
1 Week of Unlimited Email Support
Resource Library (templates, copy & paste brand pitches, content calendar, checklists, etc)
1 Hour Blogging Consulting Session with Me


Q: Is this only for those who want/have travel brands?
A: No. While I will focus mostly on building and growing a travel brand, all of the concepts that will be discussed can be used to any growing brand.
Q: Will there be a replay of the Masterclass?
A: Absolutely yes! You’ll have lifetime access to the recording of the Live Class.
Q: What if I have questions after the Masterclass?
A: If you decide not to have a 1:1 session with me, then you can always schedule a Coffee Date!