INTERVIEW SERIES: “I Quit My Job to Travel” with Omar Takes Pictures


I Quit My Job to Travel

I Quit My Job to Travel – @OmarTakesPictures

Starting this year, I will be conducting an INTERVIEW SERIES once a month, to highlight and gain insights from young, Black and Brown travelers! This month, I had the pleasure of interviewing my boy Omar aka “I Quit My Job to Travel” aka @OmarTakesPictures! He is a complete nutcase, hence having to make some slight *edits* to our interview, but it was fun and hilarious nonetheless!

Check out our candid and comical conversation below!


Rachel: Hi Omar! Tell the world about yourself!

Omar: I’m a pimp. Kinda like Don Juan, just younger and no green


Rachel: Oh true. What made you decide to quit working to travel the world?

Omar: I made the conscious decision to get the kind of vacation time I wanted

They aren’t gonna give it to me, so I took it.

Why should Europeans have all the fun?


Rachel: So we met via a travel group on Facebook [Nomadness Tribe]. Are you a photog, right? How did you get into that?

Omar: Was laid off in ’09. Me and a friend started a club website that went nowhere. Kept shooting from there. Now I’m in Time magazine, son!

Omar Takes Pictures

Rachel: Which issue so we can check it out!

Omar: Hasn’t been published yet. I’ll let u know when


Rachel: Yay! So we can post on the site and make sure the community supports it!

Omar: … but Child Support Weekly, I’m on the cover


Rachel: Let’s move on so we can get your business out of the streets. Was Corporate America that bad?

Omar: Didn’t’ t see it going anywhere further, honestly. I was too comfortable and was just coasting. Wasn’t being challenged. Brain is going to mush. Decided while in transition, to do something else to take a break and get a world education.


Rachel: If no one else understands, I do! I have a similar story, which we have discussed.

One of the questions we tend to get often is, “How do you afford to travel so much/so long/so often?” How do you handle that question?

Omar: People make excuses for the things they fear. Bill Gates quit college to start Microsoft. Michelle quit her career to support her husband’s. Too many people were afraid to take that leap of faith.

What’s the worse that could happen?

They rather make reasons why someone else can do it and excuses on why they can’t



Rachel: I totally agree. And honestly, I have had some amazing opportunities presented to me. Opportunities I would NEVER have had, had I not stepped out on faith and out of my comfort zone!

Has this happened to you yet?

Omar: Everyday – in the people I meet and things I experience. As far as career wise, not so much directly but things are brewing in photography.

All else fails I can always get another corporate job.

Hence why I said…. What’s the worse that could happen

I wouldn’t take any job unless it’s on my terms. Because honestly, they need me as much as I need them. Shit, I didn’t put a “hiring” sign on the Internet!

If you’re stupid, you have a reason to worry. Otherwise, money will get got, whether on your own or some employer


Rachel: That is great perspective! So while we are on the topic of fear, did you have any reservations, apprehensions, etc. before heading out? If so, how did you overcome them?

Omar: If you’re afraid to fail, you will. If you care about what people think, you have failed already. There are successes and lessons that will get you closer to victories.

The master has failed more times than the amateur has tried



Rachel: Wise words Omar!

So for someone looking to leave their job and pursue their passions, whether it is photography, traveling, spiritual enlightenment, what would be your greatest advice?

Omar: So I would say what I always say. Doing the same thing over and over again will gain the same result. Can’t ask for new if you’re still doing the old!


Rachel: If we want to follow your journey or see more of your amazing work, where can we find you?



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  1. Funny interview. I can tell that Omar is a riot. Gotta love a person who takes life by the horns and does it on their own terms. As he said, “The master has failed more times than the amateur has tried.” Love that.

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