Seeing London Through Its Transportation Systems

Without a doubt, London is one of those special cities that just take your breath away. Part of the reason, in most cases, is not about the fellow travelers you meet along the way, nor is it the amazing sights you see; but rather, it’s the efficiency of how you actually discover and embrace the whole culture while in transit.

A reflection of a nation or a city’s sustainable tourism industry lies in the effectiveness of its transportation sector. The International Transport Forum, in fact, comprehensively details its role, as well as the positive outcomes it’ll bring to the table. On paper, London truly possesses the makings of a legitimate traveler’s haven. For one, the capital features an exemplary public transportation industry, which generally starts at the world-famous Heathrow Airport.

Airports are these majestic portals that take travelers from one side of the globe to the other. This is why London makes it a point to provide airline passengers absolute comfort and convenience all throughout. Since Heathrow is considered by Business Insider as one of the most active landing fields in the world, airport management constantly strives to meet everyone’s needs.

To put things in perspective, congestion isn’t only limited inside the establishment or on its runways, as even parking spaces also tend to be a bit cramped. Thankfully, with London Heathrow’s sound investment, it now has over 23,000 on-site car bays to accommodate more passengers, according to Taxi Leaks. For commuters and/or tourists, on the other hand, Parking4Less highlights the Express as the quickest yet most expensive way, while the Tube’s Piccadilly Line as the cheapest.

Within the city, traveling is more elementary, as you can explore London’s much popular – not to mention free – destinations on foot. Truth be told, Healthy Travel even names the capital as one of the seven most walkable tourist spots in the world.

Now, when it comes to using public transportation, just like making your way to Heathrow, the London Underground is a definite and a reliable option. In addition, there are other railway systems such as the Overground network and the trams that effectively reach the city’s far corners – beyond the Tube’s line. You can even hop on an iconic double-deck bus or in a timeless black taxi to get a true London vibe.

Aside from these common modes of transportation, London has river bus services, which take you on a glorious ride along the Thames. Not only will you avoid traffic, you’ll also get to see the likes of Tate Modern, Tower of London, and the London Eye (to name a few) along the way. Furthermore, the city offers the Emirates Air Line cable car, a trip that gives you wonderful vistas of East London and Greenwich. A word of advice: if you are to use some of these aforementioned transportation options, be sure to grab an Oyster Card to get maximum savings in the long run.

Whether you’re a citizen or a tourist, London fulfills its potential and stakes its claim as a bona fide tourist destination. Moreover, with an excellent transportation industry – from airport runways and railway networks, to streets and cable lines –you’ll have plenty of avenues to experience and love the city even more.





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