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BEST Way to See A Country for FREE!

Typically when booking my travel overseas, I rarely consider flight time. While some may prefer to fly non-stop, I enjoy layovers; long layovers at that! Before you call me nuts, consider this: seeing another country that was never on your initial agenda for FREE! This post will cover the BEST way to see a country for […]

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How to Pack a Hiking Backpack Like a GIRL!

As I prepare for a two month backpacking trip to SE Asia, I found it hard to thoroughly pack light while still having my necessities. With my 55L hiking backpack that was filled to the brim and heavy as hell, I quickly needed to start all over. Reevaluating it all, I realized the habit of packing […]

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I Quit My Job

I did it. I quit my job. This is the story of how I quit my job. You know, that pseudo lucrative job that everyone tells you-you’re so lucky to have? Large “Fortune Top 50” company, amazing benefits, immeasurable work-life balance, an abundance of opportunity to grow and develop. All dat. I was unhappy. As […]

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Top 5 Natural Products To Pack!

Top 5 Natural Products To Pack! While saying I am a super health guru would be completely false, I am very conscious of the type of foods I eat, fitness goals, and the products I use. With traveling, it’s important to actively (and not passively) stay healthy, clean, and safe. In order to do this, […]

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BEST 10 Apps For the Traveler in You!

I LOVE my smartphone. Not only do you have the world at your fingertips, smartphones are amazing in aiding in reducing your anxiety and concerns as it comes to traveling. There are certain apps that can simply make life a lot easier and safer while traveling. Check out some of my favorites apps below! 1. Google […]

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To Egypt. . . With Love.

Did I ever tell you about the time we crashed a wedding in Egypt?! Before I get to that story, let me first explain how and why I ended up in Egypt during such a time of said “turmoil.” Back in 2012, I was reading one of my favorite travel deal newsletters when I saw […]

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