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“This is CraKKKa Country!”

Every year, all the women in my family make an annual ‘Girl’s Trip.’ It is a time for women to bond, gain wisdom and knowledge from each other, and get a break from our everyday lives. This year, we decided to rent a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia. It was gorgeous! […]

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8 Badass Ways to Travel & Make Money!

Hi there! So, I get asked all ze time how do I “make my money” when traveling. While I am what you would call a “Digital Nomad” (details in the list), there are plenty of ways to travel extensively and make your coins! Before we get into the list, let me just say, on a […]

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How to Score Flight Vouchers! + Free Guide

Hey, y’all! My theme of posts this month is all based on how travel can be so inexpensive. As you may (or may not) be aware, I quit my job last year to travel the world indefinitely!  The way I can sustain myself? Budgeting, looking for flight deals, and of course travel hacking! Another thing […]

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How Travel Can Be So Damn Cheap!

One of the questions I get ERRY week is “how do I reduce costs when it comes to travel?” , “Girl. How in zee hell are you able to travel so much?!” I get it. It is a relevant question. If you have been following my blog or on social media for a while, you will see […]

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