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8 Badass Ways to Travel & Make Money!

Hi there! So, I get asked all ze time how do I “make my money” when traveling. While I am what you would call a “Digital Nomad” (details in the list), there are plenty of ways to travel extensively and make your coins! Before we get into the list, let me just say, on a […]

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How to Score Flight Vouchers! + Free Guide

Hey, y’all! My theme of posts this month is all based on how travel can be so inexpensive. As you may (or may not) be aware, I quit my job last year to travel the world indefinitely!  The way I can sustain myself? Budgeting, looking for flight deals, and of course travel hacking! Another thing […]

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How Travel Can Be So Damn Cheap!

One of the questions I get ERRY week is “how do I reduce costs when it comes to travel?” , “Girl. How in zee hell are you able to travel so much?!” I get it. It is a relevant question. If you have been following my blog or on social media for a while, you will see […]

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Interview Series: Traveling Mama Shauna!

  I get emails from single parents often wondering how they could too, travel with children. As I do not have children, I decided to reach out to Shauna. We actually went to the same University and is quite active in the Nomadness Tribe! As a single mother to one, she does her best and […]

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4 Things I Would Tell New Travelers

Here is what I KNOW… You are NOT alone! One of the greatest myths is that people are universally mean and grouchy. So not true! People are very hospitable and helpful worldwide. Typically when they realize that you want to experience their culture and country, they will go the extra mile to make you feel […]

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