If you’ve read about me, then you know my mission is to help you do the following:

  • Learn how to travel the world (without breaking the bank)

  • Build a solid, successful travel Brand that gets your collaborating with Brands and get paid!

  • Coach and consult you through it all!

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Awesome Travel Courses | Digital Brand Building | Coaching + Consulting


Awesome Travel Courses


Travel Hacking 101 Course - RachelTravels.com

In this course you’ll learn how to:

  • ‘Trick’ your computer to find and book inexpensive flights on the spot
  • Learn how to leverage your everyday spending habits and activities to generate rewards to book free or almost free flights
  • Learn some insider methods, tricks, and strategies to find the cheapest flight to thousands of destinations all over the world
  • Much, much, more!



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How to Book An International Flight Under $500 - RachelTravels.com

If You’re a Passionate Traveler Who . . .

  • Is ready to start traveling the world NOW without spending all of your Savings or breaking the bank to do so. . .
  • Tired of the overwhelm and frustration it takes to find inexpensive flights around the world
  • Have a desire to learn all these hacks and strategies to book cheap flights over and over again!

This course also includes a Guidebook + BONUSES!

>> Book Your International Flight Under $500! <<



Travel Like A Boss On A Budget - RachelTravels.com

Travel Like a Boss on a Budget will supply you with all you need to know when it comes to traveling the world authentically, yet on a budget.
The course will provide you step-by-step, start to finish, on what it takes to find, book, and create epic international, world class trips abroad.
Too many other Influencers and Bloggers have you out here thinking that traveling the world, to beautiful exotic destinations, is only for a select few – and that you must wait a lifetime to do the same.
Travel Like a Boss on a Budget will show you that, you too, can see and experience beautiful places around the world and not break the bank doing it!

The Course will save you time, frustration, and energy when it comes to planning your epic trips abroad!

Digital Brand Building

How to Get Paid to Travel Pitch Templates - RachelTravels.com

These are the exact templates I use to pitch brands that I want to collaborate and partner with including Amazing Thailand, Norwegian Airlines, Herschel Supply, Co, and many others.
After three years as a Travel Influencer, I have learned how to structure these templates to get results and a response from brands. The way the templates are structured is very strategic.
 The Travel Sponsorship & Collaboration Pitch Templates bundle is structured very strategically, to make your proposal to major brands clear and concise. Introduce your brand, express your purpose, explain how the partnership is mutually beneficial, and what you need from the Brand. Simple.

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How to Grow On Instagram 101 - RachelTravels.com

What you will know after this CLASS is the fundamentals, strategies, and the know-how to grow your Instagram account including:
  • Why Instagram Is So Great for Business
  • Best Way to Create An Optimized Posting Schedule
  • How to Use Instagram to For Social Listening (understanding your audience)
  • The REAL Way to Grow Your Account Quickly & Authentically
  • How Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used For IG
  • How to Get Sponsored Posts

>> I’m Ready To Grow My Instagram Like An Influencer <<

Coaching + Consulting


Travel Branding And Marketing Strategy - RachelTravels.com

Travel Branding + Marketing Strategy Creation

-The Travel Branding + Marketing Strategy Creation which includes the following:
  • 3 Video Calls With Me (Initial 30 Min Video Coffee Date + 2x 30 Min Check-In Calls)
  • Website + Digital Platform + Social Media Audit
  • 3-Month Digital Marketing strategy
  • Access to a Resource Library full of templates, content, guides, swipe files, etc.

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Coffee Date With Rachel - RachelTravels.com

This Coffee Date is a “Pick my Brain” session.

An $150 hour-long Coffee Date will allow us to talk 1:1 via video.

You can get my expert feedback and insight on your existing travel brand, digital marketing, and other burning questions around social media, branding, and travel answered by me.