It happens.

Sometimes you’re at a place where you feel unclear and stuck, with no idea which direction to go.

You have a ton of questions and have wasted way too many hours going down the endless wormhole that is “Google search”.

If you’re looking to gain clarity, do some problem-solving and, and get some guided direction, then one (or both) of the options below will help you get closer to:
  • Get a head start with creating an online freedom business which allows you to travel the world and work from anywhere
  • Create a successful digital platform focused which allows you to work with large global brands
  • Learning how to monetize (read: make more money) your current digital platform
  • Picking my brain on strategy, marketing, and growth hacking suggestions
  • Plus more!

1:1 Consulting Sessions with

Let’s Go On a Coffee Date!

This is a “Pick my Brain” session. 

An $150 hour-long Coffee Date will allow us to talk 1:1 via video.

You can get my expert feedback and insight on your existing travel brand, digital marketing, and other burning questions around social media, branding, and travel answered by me.

The Coffee Date Session Includes:

  1. An initial 45 Mins Coffee Date (consultation call) to become clear on your challenge and the areas you seek feedback on
  2. Within a week later, I will send you a follow-up email that includes:
    • Feedback and insights discussed on the call
    • Recommended tools
    • High-level strategies to easily implement

How Our Coffee Date Works:

After you book your Coffee Date, you complete a form with your biggest questions, struggles, and concerns.
I will then form and design the most effective agenda for our 60-minute session.
We then jump on a video call where I provide the answers to your questions and offer strategies.
Some of the most common questions and topics of discussion during Coffee Dates include:


  • How to travel solo
  • Creating quality trips with ease and within your budget
  • Best ways to optimize your international trips
  • How to get through overwhelmed, anxiety, and frustration associated with first-time or solo travel
  • Travel hacks and strategies on how to create a boss trip without breaking the bank


  • Starting a travel blog or brand
  • How to narrow down your target audience and niche in the travel industry
  • How to create valuable content specifically for your target audience and niche
  • Increasing leverage and influence in your space
  • Creating a digital marketing strategy
  • Insights and strategies on how to monetize your travel brand


What My Other ‘Dates’ Are Saying


Coffee Date Testimonial -


Pick My Brain!

Travel Branding + Marketing Strategy Creation

Creating a Marketin Strategy for Travel Brands


This new signature service is for aspiring travel influencers that are looking to differentiate themselves in a rapidly growing travel industry.
What I want to help you achieve? 
Get you from where you are today to where you desire to be by helping you create a distinctive, authentic, and valuable travel brand.
As a Travel Influencer and Digital Strategist, I know what it truly takes to build a reputable, solid, travel presence where global brands are dying to work with you!
Want to partner and collaborate with global Brands? We’ll position your brand in such a way that the opportunities begin to float to you.
  • Have no idea how to brand yourself in a saturated travel influencing market? I’ll help you figure out how to set yourself apart from the rest.
  • Have you started building a travel brand but have no idea what digital strategy it takes to really grow your presence and get noticed?
  • Need help with getting clarity on what it takes to scale your travel brand so that you’re also monetizing it?
  • Do you desire to work with global brands but have no idea on how to get the brand exposure you deserve to take you seriously?
If you need expert help and assistance creating a digital marketing strategy for your travel brand, get this Travel Branding + Marketing Strategy Creation which includes the following:
  • 3 Video Coffee Dates (Consultation Calls)
    • Initial 30 Min Video Coffee Date
    • 2x 30 Min Check In Video Coffee Date
  • Website + Digital Platform + Social Media Audit
  • 3-Month Digital Marketing strategy to increase visibility + influence +  monetization
  • Access to a Resource Library full of templates, content, guides, swipe files, etc.

How it Works

After completing the intake questionnaire, we start with the initial Coffee Date, designed to help me understand your goals and challenges as it pertains to you travel brand.
Have you positioned yourself as an authentic travel influencing brand?
Are people aware that you exist?
Have you thought of ways you will monetize your Brand?
I will develop a digital marketing strategy to get the ball rolling on having a solid travel brand that you can turn into a business.
After your audit report is complete, I will create a customized digital strategy that will be emailed to you within 21 business days.



  • What’s the refund policy?: The consulting fee is non-refundable.
  • What if I need to reschedule?: Rescheduling may be necessary from time to time. If you need to reschedule, I ask for a 48-hour notice. If a 48-hour notice is given, I will do my best to reschedule you for the same week of the original appointment.
  • What if I am late to our session?: If after 15 minutes you are not on the conference line, I will reach out by email to remind you of your session. We will work together for the remaining minutes of our scheduled session. Unfortunately, I cannot extend session times to accommodate late shows, as I have several sessions back-to-back.
  • Do you coordinate trips?: No, I do not coordinate trips or do customized itineraries.
  • Are you a travel agent?: No, I am not a travel agent.
  • Do you have advice for traveling with children?: As I am not a mother, I do not have any advice on how to efficiently and effectively travel with children.
  • Can you help me find job opportunities abroad?: I can advise you on – resources, however, my expertise is not in finding opportunities to work abroad.