Survivors Guide to Long Haul Flights

It is no secret that I enjoying flying – in most cases. However, I will be the FIRST to tell you that long haul flights, the flights that last longer than five hours, get old real quick. You will get restless. Your muscles will ache. Your ass will hurt. Your skin and nose will be […]

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8 Badass Ways to Travel & Make Money!

Hi there! So, I get asked all ze time how do I “make my money” when traveling. While I am what you would call a “Digital Nomad” (details in the list), there are plenty of ways to travel extensively and make your coins! Before we get into the list, let me just say, on a […]

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How Travel Can Be So Damn Cheap!

One of the questions I get ERRY week is “how do I reduce costs when it comes to travel?” , “Girl. How in zee hell are you able to travel so much?!” I get it. It is a relevant question. If you have been following my blog or on social media for a while, you will see […]

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