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Rachel TravelsOneYoungTraveler have collaborated to bring you specially crafted Travel eGuides. These beautifully created eGuides are created to be user friendly for smartphone and tablet use. It is available offline while you travel the country as a reference. These eGuides are instantly downloaded to your phone or tablet once it is purchased!

Have a suggestion for a city guide you want? Contact us and let us know! We will be adding two guides per month! 

What Is Included:

– City overview ad brief history

– Best neighborhoods to stay

– Activities

– Local foods you must try

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Known for theirScreen Shot 2015-07-24 at 12.06.45 beers, brats, and medieval towns, Germany has a lot to offer mixing old traditions and modern flare. You can find contemporary art, European fashion, and century old castles. Germany is broken up into 16 states, all with their own unique scenery and culture. Infamously known for many WWII sites and the Berlin Wall, this city is filled with history and cultural sites.

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Author: Rachel

Singapore MockupSingapore, a City-State, is known for its very easygoing culture, beautiful green land, and FOOD! Many have said that Singapore is the food capital of the world, with cuisines to match palette. While considered much ‘quieter’ than other large major Asian cities, Singapore is certainly a site to see!  


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