Gather ’round. This is a story all about how I went to Thailand for $15.30. And yes, this really happened. It’s called travel hacking and I’ll explain.
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No Bullsh**.

I am always preaching to you that “travel isn’t expensive,” and really – that statement and theory is entirely relative. You can go on whatever budget fits your travel personality (quiz) and destination of choice.
Back to the story, I promised you on how I managed to get to Bangkok for $15.30. (proof below)
This is proof that I traveled to Thailand for $15.30
Back when I was in Corporate America, I had a very lucrative career, a lit social life, and silently suffering from Anxiety Disorder and Depression.
Let Instagram and Facebook tell it; I was living my best life.
And I was – until I wasn’t.
For over a year, every Wednesday I went out for a “lunch date” when I was sitting in the corner of the couch in my therapist’s office.
Then it struck me.
We can recreate our lives.
I don’t have to be in this ‘sunken place.’
*Light bulb*. I was going to leave Corporate America and do the one thing that always made me feel happy and alive – travels the world!
Probably like you, I thought travel was sooooooooo expensive. Particularly for the places that I wanted to see and experience. I was ready to get in those SE Asian streets and flourish! photo at Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai, Thailand for Travel Hacking course and blog post
Laying With a Tiger in Chiang Mai, Thailand
But how in the hell would I be able to afford to do this without breaking the bank and blowing my savings so quickly? I had no idea, but I know way too many people were traveling and I knew all of them weren’t loaded like that.
After weeks, if not months of researching and digging on the internet, I learned about travel hacking.
The online definition says it’s the art of collecting frequent flyer miles and points to travel for free (or damn near free). (I made that last bit up LOL)
Image of getting a bamboo tattoo in Thailand for Travel Hacking course and blog post
Getting a Bamboo Style Tattoo!
Also, there are several ways to travel hack, but I mostly focus on flights – since that is typically the largest expense when it comes to travel, whether domestic or international.
With travel hacking, it’s something you have to be committed.
Because you and many others are curious as to how I can travel so much, I put together a fundamentals course on travel hacking called Book It For a Buck: Travel Hacking 101.
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This course was specifically created for you if you can relate to at least one of the following:

  • You’re completely over paying full-price for flights…
  • You want to go to some of your dream destinations but feel as though it’s merely a dream because of the enormous price tag
  • You know how to travel like a boss and want to learn the fundamentals of how to travel hack…

Then check out Book It For a Buck: Travel Hacking 101.

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After this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • ‘Trick’ your computer to find and book inexpensive flights on the spot
  • Learn how to leverage your everyday spending habits and activities to generate rewards to book free or almost free flights
  • Learn some insider methods, tricks, and strategies to find the cheapest flight to thousands of destinations all over the world
  • Much, much, more!


Rachel Hill