How to Create a Customized Map for Your Next Trip Using Google Maps! + Ultimate Guide Download

I absolutely love Google Maps!

I use it as my everyday driving GPS and for creating customized maps when I am traveling.
Today I’m going to show you exactly how to create a customized map using Google maps, which will be really useful to you on your next trip.
Creating a Google map itinerary for your trips is really useful. Here is why:
  • You can pinpoint your hotel/hostel/AirBnB, local attractions, places to eat, clubs, banks, on one map
  • You do not need wifi to use it! So if you are lost and without wifi or service, you can still get to where you need to go!
  • You can customize your map the way that works best for you!
  • Even better, you can create a map in less than 15 minutes!
Pro Tip: If you are not sure where to stay in a city, work backward by adding all of the things you want to see and experience then find a hotel/AirBnB/hostel central to those locations!
* Quick mention, in order to create a custom map, it’s best that you at least have an idea of the things you want to do, see, experience before adding it to a map.
Let’s get started.

How to Create a Customized Map for Your Next Trip Using Google Maps

Step1: Navigate to
Click the small 3 bar icon in the top left —> Go to “My Maps” *Make sure you are signed into (or signed up for) your Gmail account.
 *Make sure you are signed into (or signed up for) your Gmail account.
Rachel Travels - Google Maps - Navigate to Google Maps
Step 2:  Scroll down and click “Create Map”.
Rachel Travels - Google Maps - Create a Map
Step 3: Where it says “Untitled Map” put in the name of your map. Here I like to add which city I am creating the map for. For this example, I named the map “Atlanta”.
For now, you can ignore “Untitled Layer”.
Rachel Travels - Google Maps -Untitled map
Step 4: Go to the search and start typing in locations. I like to start with my accommodations. In this example, I chose the Aloft  Atlanta Downtown. Click “Add to Map”.
Rachel Travels - Google Maps - Add Locations
Keep adding in locations of places you want to eat, attractions, bars, places of entertainment, banks, etc.
RachelTravels - Google Map - Full View
Step 5: Once all of the locations have been added, you can color code each location. Click the paint bucket next to the location. You can choose a shape, color, and icons.
My Legend:
  • Yellow Star – My Hotel
  • Blue Circle – Attractions
  • Green Diamond – Restaurants
  • Red Square – Clubs/Bars
Rachel Travels - Google Maps - Add Icons
Step 6: You can also change the icons! I like using a “$” icon to point out partner banks with my home bank, ATMs, reputable exchange counters, etc.
RachelTravels - Google Map - Edit Icons
Step 7: BOOM! You have a fully functional and customized map for your next trip!

How to Access Your Phone from Your Smartphone/Tablet:

Step 8: Log into ‘Google Maps’ on your phone.
*Make sure you download ‘Google Maps’ downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.
Click the three lines at the top left and click “Your places” (make sure you are signed into your Gmail account that you created your original map).
Step 9: Scroll down and select the map you created.
Step 10: Decided if you want to view your map on or offline. If you are in a foreign country this option is phenomenal! Although not connected to wifi, Google will pick up your location and you can still navigate around the city!
Pretty easy, huh?
What cities do you plan on making a customized Google Map for?
Let me know!

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  1. I did this for my roadtrip to Chiang Mai. Self-learned and it was the best decision ever. Really helped me know about the city before I even went there!

    Love Google!

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